Make a Difference

Hear what some of our team have to say about what a career in care means to them:

Anne profileAfter 20 years as a child-minder I moved to care in 2009 as a change in career, as it was always something I had wanted to do. For most people we visit we are the first face they see in the morning and I love going in with a smile on my face and putting a smile on theirs. The support from my team and local authorities is great – they are always there when I need advice. It’s a great job, every day is different and I love knowing that I am making a difference. I love my job!

Kay profileI have worked in care for the last 6 months after a change in career – my mother in law has always worked in this sector and after volunteering at her care home I found I really enjoyed it. It is very fulfilling to help people do the simple things everyday life brings and to know you are appreciated is very rewarding. To anyone considering a career in care I would say that it isn’t all cups of tea and chatting as it is hard work at times but you can always improve and progress.

Sarah ProfileA career in care was something I always wanted to follow, having volunteered while I was in school and then looking after my mother who has MS. I enjoy the aspects of meeting new people and knowing I am helping people. It is the most rewarding  job and I feel much supported by my company and the local authorities we work alongside. To anyone considering a career in care I would say that even though it has its challenges and can be hard work, the rewards are great.